Instruction Videos


Raising jellyfish at home is easy and fun!


  • let's follow our instruction video to learn how to properly set up a aquarium, and learn how to treat your lovely jellyfish!
  • 跟著我們的教學影片,學習如何正確設置一個水族箱,及如何照顧你可愛的水母!

1. Setting Up Your First Jellyfish Aquarium at Home! 


*Clean your tank with fresh water before setting it up is highly recommended. You may also run the aquarium system with fresh water for around 2 days beforehand, then replace with clean salt water.

2. Check the Salinity Value of the Salt Water.



3. Hatching Baby Brine Shrimp (BBS) / Artemia sp.



4. Using a Net to Collect Baby Brine Shrimp.



5. Feeding your Jellyfish with Baby Brine Shrimp.



6. Add a Chiller to your Jellyfish Aquarium.


7. Applying PTFE Teflon Tape to Seal a Leak