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冷暖水機 Hot & Chill Dispenser

冷暖水機 Hot & Chill Dispenser

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適用於20-35 L 水的小魚缸,養殖水晶蝦、水草、水母、珊瑚等。

  • 採用電子制冷技術,環保無排放
  • 制冷無噪音
  • 低能源消耗
  • 實時監察水溫,自動恆溫

尺寸: 11 x 11x 19 cm

重量: 1.65kg

電壓: AC110-240V/50-60Hz

額定功率: 72W

溫度設定範圍: 10~40℃


水流量: 1-3L/分鐘

制冷量: 40-80W(kw)

Hot & Chill Dispenser

  • Can apply to 20-35L capability fish tank to breeding crystal shrimp, aquatic plants, jellyfish and coral.
  • Apply the electirc refrigeration technology to reduce emission.
  • Noiseless
  • Low energy consumption
  • Automatic constant temperature and monitor water temperature for real time

Size: 11 x 11x 19 cm

Weight: 1.65kg

Voltage: AC110-240V/50-60Hz

Rated power : 72W

Range of temperature: 10~40℃

Available for water pipe with 8mm inner diameter

Water flow: 1-3L/minuate

Cooling capacity: 40-80W(kw)


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