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Fluval AquaPlus Water Conditioner 新水劑, 250ml

Fluval AquaPlus Water Conditioner 新水劑, 250ml

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Fluval AquaPlus Water Conditioner


Fluval Water Conditioner makes tapwater safe for tropical fish by neutralizing chlorine, chloramine and undesirable metals in aquarium water. Formulated with pure herbal extracts, it also visibly reduces stress in fish caused by transportation, handling and acclimatisation. Fluval Water Conditioner also coats scales and fins to protect against scrapes and cuts.


  • Adding new water
  • Water changes
  • Setting up new tanks
  • Transporting fish
  • Cuts and wounds

Usage Guidelines:
Shake well before using.
To Remove Chlorine: 5 mL treats 38L (10 US gallons)
To Remove Chloramine: 10 mL treats 38L (10 gallons.)
To Protect Scales & Fins: 10 mL treats 38L (10 gallons) (double quantity for saltwater aquariums)

Fluval AquaPlus Water Conditioner 新水劑
  • 去除氯和氯氨
  • 為觀賞魚的魚鱗和魚鰭披上保護膜
  • 中和重金屬
  • 令自來水對魚兒變得安全
  • 淡、海水觀賞魚均適用
用於除氯: 每5毫升對38升
用於除氯氨: 每10毫升對38升
用於保護魚鰭和魚鱗: 每10毫升對38升(應用在海水缸時請把分量加倍)

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