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硝酸鹽測試劑 Salifert NO3

硝酸鹽測試劑 Salifert NO3

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積聚過多的硝酸鹽會導致藻類過渡生長令珊瑚生長減慢,因此珊瑚水箱中的硝酸鹽濃度應低於 1 mg/L。

硝酸鹽測試劑足以進行 50 次測試。
低程度:0.2 - 10 mg/L (ppm) 
中等程度:2 - 100 mg/L (ppm) 


  1. 將要進行測試的水(1 ml)用注射器抽出然後放入測試容器中
  2. 加入 1 勺 NO3-1 粉末(將1勺粉末壓在粉末容器的內側去除餘粉)。
  3. 加入 1 勺 NO3-2 粉末並輕輕旋轉內容物(不要搖晃)30 秒。
  4. 靜置 3 分鐘。



  • 比較結果顏色時,將測驗瓶放在圖表的白色部分置於日光下對比,並從頂部觀察顏色。
  • 如果顏色對應的值低於 10mg/L 硝酸鹽,那麼可以對比低範圍所示的顏色


  • 比較結果顏色時,將測驗瓶放在圖表的白色部分置於日光下對比,並從側面觀察顏色。
  • 從側面看,顏色被放大了大約 10 倍。因此,您必須將顏色圖表值除以 10。例如,2 將變為 0.2,50 將變為 5。

Salifert NO3

The build up of nitrate can result in unwanted algae growth and the slowing down of coral growth.The nitrate concentration in a reef aquarium should be lower than 1 mg/L.

Sufficient for 50 tests.
This test offers two ranges:
Low range: 0.2 - 10 mg/L (ppm) as nitrate
Medium range: 2 - 100 mg/L (ppm) as nitrate


  1. Fill test vial with 1mL of water.
  2. Add 1 level scoop of NO3-1 powder (compress this powder against the inner side of the powder container).
  3. Add 1 level scoop of NO3-2 powder and swirl gently (do NOT shake) for 30 seconds.
  4. Let it stand for 3 minutes.

Color comparison:

Medium Range:

  • Place the test vial on the white part of the color chart and compare colors looking from the TOP. Use diffuse daylight when comparing colors.

  • If the color corresponds to a value lower than 10mg/L nitrate then it might be better to compare colors as shown for the low range (see below).

Low Range:

  • The color for the low range procedure has to be compared by looking through the SIDE of the test vial.

  • The white part of the color chart has to be held firmly against the opposite side of the test vial. 

  • The color is, by looking through the side, amplified by approximately 10 fold. For this reason you have to divide the color chart values by 10. For example 2 will become 0.2 and 50 will become 5.
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